This smoothing method should not be confused with ‘Straightening’.11 replica rolex daytona 116500 mens rolex calibre 7750 15mm  Keratin Smoothing is a ‘Physical’ hair treatment, not a chemical one.  The procedure forces the hair to accept Hydrolysed Keratin (liquid hair) into the spaces within the hair under heat, with specially designed flat hot irons.  Because no chemicals are involved, the hair can be treated even if in poor condition or bleached.  There is little or no damage but the hair is left shinier, easier to handle, and less frizzy than in its natural state.  The procedure takes about 3 hours and usually lasts from 2 to 4 months, but must be maintained with specially formulated shampoo and conditioner provided by us inclusive.more information  The products must be salt free, otherwise the longevity of the service will be affected.  Drop in for a chat about how Keratin Smoothing could work for you.alexander mcqueen 1275 unisex fashion casual shoes